Error Code details
Severity: Warning 
Component: Volume Manager 
new disk %s has a non-unique UDID

Whenever a Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) managed disk (primary) is cloned (secondary) outside of VxVM (hardware or software) control, the VxVM private region is duplicated on the cloned disk. And then this message is displayed when:


  1. VxVM discovers the cloned disk, and it detects and finds that the unique device identifier (UDID) of the device is not unique.
  1. You try to import a disk group, within which VxVM finds a disk with both udid_mismatch flag and the same UDID as another existing disk. The import of the disk fails to avoid duplicate disk IDs.


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Last Modified: 2012-12-20 06:10:15 PST
Platform: Generic
Release: 5.1SP1

This solution applies to scenario 1 in VxVM 5.1SP1 and later releases.


To solve the problem, set a unique UDID on the cloned disk. Update the UDID for one or more disks that are specified by their disk access names or disk media names by entering:


# vxdisk [-f] [-g diskgroup] updateudid disk


If the udid_mismatch flag is not set on a disk, the -f option must be specified to force the UDID update for the disk.

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Last Modified: 2012-12-20 06:15:37 PST
Platform: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (x86-64)
Release: 6.0

This solution applies to scenario 2 in VxVM 6.0 and later release.


To enable the disk group import, use -o  updateid option to generate new identification values like UDID for the disk. Enter:


# vxdg [-o updateid] import diskgroup


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