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Severity: Warning 
Component: Volume Manager 
Failed to join cluster


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Last Modified: 2008-12-04 10:07:56 PST
Platform: Generic
Release: Generic
A node failed to join a cluster. This may be caused by the node being unable to see all the shared disks. Other error messages may provide more information about the disks that cannot be found.

Use the vxdisk -s list command on the master node to see what disks should be visible to the slave node. Then check that the operating system and VxVM on the failed node can also see these disks. If the operating system cannot see the disks, check the cabling and hardware configuration of the node. If only VxVM cannot see the disks, use the vxdctl enable command to make it scan again for the disks. When the disks are visible to VxVM on the node, retry the join.


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