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Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
Cache object meta-data update error

This error occurs if a space-optimized snapshot created on a cache object is removed, and the cache object is detached. A cache object can be detached unexpectedly if an I/O error occurs on the underlying disks of the cache object.


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Last Modified: 2010-08-19 20:50:11 PDT
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Release: Generic
  • If the cache object is detached due to an intractable storage failure, and if its contents are not required, delete the snapshot volume of the cache object. Enter:

    vxedit -g dg -rf rm  snapvol_1  snapvol_2  ...  snapvol_N  cacheobject

      Note: You must use a single command to remove all the snapshots created from the
      cache object along with the cache object itself.


  • If the LUN paths in the underlying disks of the cache object failed, but can be restored, you can recover the detached cache object by restarting it. Enter:

    vxcache -g dg start cacheobject

    You can then remove the snapshot volume. Enter:

      vxedit -g dg -rf rm sosnapvol

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Last Modified: 2013-12-29 04:46:42 PDT
Platform: Generic
Release: Generic


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