Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
vxdmpadm setattr enclosure <enclosure-name> <attribute=value pair> where <attribute> can be name, tpdmode Note : name cannot be null/duplicated/longer than %d characters in length tpdmode can be either 'pseudo' or 'native' vxdmpadm setattr path <path-name> pathtype=<value> [priority=<nnn>] where <value> can be primary | secondary | standby | active | nomanual | preferred | nopreferred <nnn> is an integer. Note : priority can only be set with the preferred option and is optional. vxdmpadm setattr enclosure|arrayname|arraytype <component-name> iopolicy=<value> [partitionsize=<block_shift>] where <component-name> is the enclosure|array|arraytype as applicable <value> can be round-robin | balanced | priority | minimumq | singleactive | adaptive <block_shift> can be any positive integer Note : partitionsize can only be set with the balanced policy and is optional.


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