Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
Usage: vxddladm help <topic> Topics for the vxddladm help command: listversion Listing of all ASL with their correxponding versions listsupport Listing Of all Supported Arrays listexclude Listing Of all excluded Array Libraries excludearray Exclude an array library/a set of libraries includearray Include an array library/a set of libraries addjbod Specify an array to be JBOD :see help addjbod rmjbod Remove an array from JBOD List :see help rmjbod listjbod List all JBODs :see help listjbod listforeign List all Foreign disks :see help listforeign addforeign Add a Foreign disk :see help addforeign rmforeign Remove a Foreign disks :see help rmforeign enablescsi3 Enable SCSI 3 support disablescsi3 Disable SCSI 3 support modescsi3 Show if SCSI 3 support is enabled or not start eventsource Start the event source daemon (NOTE: Supported on Solaris only) stop eventsource Stop the event source daemon (NOTE: Supported on Solaris only) set namingscheme=ebn Change to enclosure based naming scheme set namingscheme=osn Change to OS native naming scheme


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