Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: Volume Manager 
array_da_to_disk: Cannot find active path for dmpnode %s

This message is displayed when the vxconfigd daemon cannot map the disk access name to a corresponding active operating system device path. As a result, vxconfigd cannot choose a disk among a set of disks with the same disk ID or obtain the current attributes of a thin provisioned disk.


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Last Modified: 2011-11-03 19:35:15 PST
Platform: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (x86-32), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (x86-64), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (POWER)
Release: 5.0MP3

Check the connectivity to the disk. Do the following:

  1. Check the state of the paths in dynamic multi-pathing (DMP) for the given disk and make sure that the operating system device paths are enabled.
  2. Check whether the vxscsiinq diagnostic can send SCSI inquiries on the operating device paths to confirm connectivity.

If the vxscsiinq diagnostic cannot send SCSI inquiries on the operating system device paths, the system has lost connectivity to the disk. Methods to restore connectivity include the following:


  • Reattach the Fibre Channel or Ethernet cable (iSCSI) at the host, array, or switch end.
  • Check the storage area network (SAN) zone configurations at the switch that is connected to the host and the array.


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