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Severity: Error 
Component: Volume Manager 
Error getting linkrec of volumes %s : %s

This error message is displayed when you run the snapwait command with a mirvol argument but there is no link between the source volume and the specified mirror volume. You can only specify the mirvol argument when a link is created between volumes and synchronization is running in the background. The command remains blocked until the data is copied to the target of the link.

Without the mirvol argument, you can use the snapwait command to wait for initial synchronization on a newly attached plex.


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Last Modified: 2011-09-27 23:11:02 PDT
Platform: Solaris 9 (SPARC)
Release: 5.0MP1

The following example illustrates the correct use of the snapwait command:

  1. Create the source volume srcvol in the source disk group srcdg. Enter:

    # vxassist -g srcdg make srcvol 10g logtype=dco dcoversion=20

  2. Create the target volume tgtvol in the target disk group tgtdg. Enter:

    # vxassist -g tgtdg make tgtvol 10g logtype=dco dcoversion=20

  3. Create a link between the two volumes. Creating a link using addmir needs initial synchronization between the volumes. With the -b background option, the synchronization happens in the background, and the following command exits immediately.

    # vxsnap -g srcdg –b addmir srcvol mirvol=tgtvol mirdg=tgtdg

           If you want to wait until the synchronization is complete, use snapwait. After the initial synchronization is complete, the following command exits
           with the output Snapshot ready on volume srcvol.

           # vxsnap -g srcdg snapwait srcvol mirvol=tgtvol mirdg=tgtdg


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