Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
Correct Usage : vxddladm [domain=<domainname>] [host=<hostname1,hostname2,...>] listsupport [all] listsupport libname=<name> [-u] listversion [all] listversion libname=<name> listexclude [all] excludearray libname=<name> excludearray vid=<vidname> pid=<productidname> excludearray vid=<vidname> excludearray pid=<productidname> excludearray all includearray libname=<name> includearray vid=<vidname> pid=<productidname> includearray vid=<vidname> includearray pid=<productidname> includearray all listforeign rmforeign blockdir=<dirname> chardir=<dirname> rmforeign dir=<dirname> rmforeign blockpath=<pathname> charpath=<pathname> rmforeign path=<pathname> [-f|-a|-n] addforeign blockdir=<dirname> chardir=<dirname> [-f|-a|-n] addforeign dir=<dirname> [-f|-a|-n] addforeign blockpath=<pathname> charpath=<pathname> [-f|-a|-n] addforeign path=<pathname> enablescsi3 [policy=aa|ap] disablescsi3 modescsi3 start eventsource stop eventsource set namingscheme=ebn [persistence=yes|no] set namingscheme=osn [persistence=yes|no] set namingscheme=gdn [persistence=yes|no] list hbas list ports [hba=<hbaID>] list targets [hba=<hbaID>|port=<portID>] list devices [target=<tgtID>] getiscsi target=<target_name> [all|<parameter>] setiscsi target=<target_name> <parameter>=<value> NOTE: OS Event source mechanism for device discovery is currently supported only on Solaris because of lack of OS support on other platforms.


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