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Severity: Error 
Component: Volume Manager 
Cannot enable siteconsistency. Volume %s should have a Data Change Object (DCO)(dcoversion=20) attached to it.

The message is displayed when siteconsistency cannot be enabled for the volume. Volume %s should have a data change object (DCO) (dcoversion=20) attached to it before you set siteconsistent=on.


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Last Modified: 2011-07-06 02:40:34 PDT
Platform: Generic
Release: Generic

This problem is fixed in Release 5.1 SP1. If you are using Volume Manager 5.0 MP3 or earlier, upgrade the product.

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Last Modified: 2012-01-06 23:15:04 PDT
Platform: Solaris 10 (SPARC), Solaris 10 (x86-64)
Release: 5.0MP3

You can use the following workarounds:

  • Use the following command to force the siteconsistency for the DCL volume:

    vxvol -g disk_group -f set siteconsistent=on volume_dcl 
  • If the first solution doesn't work, recreate the DCO object. You must set the  siteconsistency for the disk group and volume before you recreate the DCO object.

    Remove the DCO. Enter:

    vxsnap -g disk_group  -f unprepare volume

    Create the DCO. Enter:

    vxsnap -g disk_group prepare volume

    Verify the DCO version. Enter:

    vxprint -g disk_group_name -m dco_name

    The version value should look similar to the following:


    Use the following command to fix the problem. Enter:

    vxvol -g dw -f set siteconsistent=on log_volume

    For more details, see

Note: Symantec recommends that you upgrade the product. This problem is fixed in Release 5.1 SP1.


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