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Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
The command usage is, vxdmpadm [-fv] config [load|save|saveall|show|showall|rollback] [filename] load - load the DMP tunables and attributes from [filename] to vxdmp. The change is immediately reflected in the system. save - Get the configured DMP tunables and attributes information. The output is written to the filename, if specified, otherwise the o/p is displayed on the stdout. saveall - This is similer to save except it gets more Path specific attribute informations like enclosure and path priority. rollback- The DMP tunables and attributes will revert back to old values. show - Display the last loaded DMP config file. showall - Display the list of all the DMP config file loaded in ascending order. option -f - To force overwrite the existing config file. This is used in "save" command to overwrite the config filename. in "load" command to overwrite the current config file, if already presents. option -v - To validate the DMP config file. Dont apply any change but report the missing DMP tunables and attributes


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