Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: Volume Manager 
Volume %s: synchronizing read loop failed, it should

The message is displayed when volume recovery operation fails due to read error. Volume recovery synchronizes the contents of all plexes of volume. The possible reasons for the read operation’s failure include that the underlying disk is not available, bad sectors exist on disks, and so on.


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Last Modified: 2012-11-23 09:04:33 PDT
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Check if there’re any recoverable issues regarding the read operation’s failure, and resolve them accordingly. You might need to contact the corresponding vendor for storage connectivity issues such as  issues with physical port, hardware issue, and so on.


For example, to check whether the underlying disk is not available, enter:


vxprint –g diskgroup_name volume_name


If the subdisk is in NODEVICE state, the underlying disk of volume is not available or seen by the operating system due to storage connectivity issues.


After you fix the issue, restart the recovery manually:


  • For single node setup, enter:


# vxrecover


  • For cluster setup, on Master node, enter:


# vxrecover –c –s

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If and only if the READ error persists due to unrecoverable issues such as bad sectors on disks, should you do as follows in order:


  1. Remove the plex that is in DETACHED state due to READ error from its associated volume. Enter:

# vxplex -g diskgroup -o rm dis plex


  1. Create a new plex using other free disks or storage. Enter:

# vxmake -g diskgroup plex plex sd=subdisk1[,subdisk2,...]


  1. Attach the plex to the volume on which the synchronizing read loop fails. Enter:

# vxplex -g diskgroup] att volume plex


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