Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
setattr Setting attributes for enclosures, dmpnodes, paths, arrays or arraytypes getattr Get attributes for enclosures, arrays or arraytypes config Get/Set DMP tunables/attributes from a template file listenclosure Displaying attributes of enclosures start restore Start the DMP Restore Daemon stop restore Stop the DMP restore daemon stat Gives statistics of the specified type of DMP daemon cfgapm Configuring of a specific APM listapm Listing of APMs iostat Manage and print DMP io statistics getlungroup Print all the dmpnodes in the same lungroup gettpdnode Getting the TPD metanode for a subpath of TPD getportids Getting the Port info of enclosure, ctlr, dmpnode or path exclude Exclude device/path from vxvm/vxdmp include Include device/path from vxvm/vxdmp


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