Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: Volume Manager 
No ASL support found for library

The vxddladm listsupport command with the libname option lists supported arrays for a particular array support library (ASL).  When a new ASL is installed, the vxddladm addsupport command adds an entry to the /etc/vx/ file.

This error code occurs in the following situations. Each situation has its own solution.

  • The ASL entry is not present in the /etc/vx/ file.

    Solution: If the proper ASL is installed, run the following command to recreate the /etc/vx/ file and remove the error:

    vxddladm addsupport

  • The argument passed to the command was not in the correct format.

    Solution: Check that the ASL file name extension is in one of the following formats: no extension. .so (for Solaris, Linux, AIX), or .sl (for HP-UX).

    Any other format is not accepted.

    For example, for the libvxemc ASL, the following commands are accepted:

    vxddladm listsupport libname=libvxemc
    vxddladm listsupport  (on Solaris, Linux, or AIX)

    The following command is not accepted

    vxddladm listsupport

  • The ASL name passed to the command is not present on the system ASL or the ASL is corrupted.

    Solution: Re-install the ASL package or contact Symantec Support to get the correct ASL.


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