Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
vxdmpadm start restore [interval=<seconds>] [policy=[check_all|check_disabled| check_periodic|check_alternate]] [period=<cycles>] Note : Start DMP Restore Daemon. This daemon will be analysing the DMP database every <second> seconds, depending on a policy. If the policy is check_disabled, it will analyze only those paths which were previously disabled due to hardware failures, and will revive them if they have become online. If the policy is check_all, it will analyze all the paths in the system and update their status in DMP database. If the policy specified is check_periodic, check_all will be done after every <period> invocations of check_disabled. During all other times, check_disabled will be done. If the policy is check_alternate, it will check for the health of at least two healthy (enabled and active) paths per dmpnode. This daemon is automatically started at system startup time. The interval, if not specified, is 300 seconds. Decreasing this interval could affect the system performance adversely. The policy, if not specified, then the policy is taken from the tunable file or default to check_disabled policy. Setting the policy to check_all can affect the performance adversely. For check_periodic policy, <interval> is mandatory. If <period> is not given, then value is taken from the tunable dmp_restore_cycles. If there is no such tunable present, then check_all will be performed after 10 (default value) invocations of check_disabled.


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