Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
The amount of buffer space available for SRL volume readbacks is defined by the tunable, vol_max_rdback_sz which defaults to 64 megabytes. To accommodate reading back more data, increase the value of vol_max_rdback_sz. You may need to increase this value if you have multiple Secondaries in asynchronous mode for one or more RVGs. Use the vxmemstat command to monitor the buffer space. If the output indicates that the amount of space available is completely used, increase the value of the vol_max_rdback_sz tunable to improve readback performance. When decreasing the value of the vol_max_rdback_sz tunable, pause replication to all the Secondaries to which VVR is currently replicating. For more information on using this tunable, refer to VVR Planning and Tuning Guide


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