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Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
The amount of buffer space available for requests coming in to the Secondary over the network is determined by the VVR tunable, vol_max_nmpool_sz which defaults to 16 megabytes. VVR allocates separate buffer space for each Secondary RVG, the size of which is equal to the value of the tunable vol_max_nmpool_sz. The buffer space on the Secondary must be large enough to prevent slowing the network transfers excessively. If the buffer is too large, it can cause problems. When a write arrives at the Secondary, the Secondary sends an acknowledgement to the Primary so that the Primary knows the transfer is complete. When the write is written to the data volume on the Secondary, the Secondary sends another acknowledgement, which tells the Primary that the write can be discarded from the SRL. However, if this second acknowledgement is not sent within one minute, the Primary disconnects the RLINK. The RLINK reconnects immediately but this causes disruption of the network flow and potentially other problems. Thus, the buffer space on the Secondary should be sized in such a way that no write can remain in it for one minute. This size depends on the rate at which the data can be written to the disks, which is dependent on the disks themselves, the I/O buses, the load on the system, and the nature of the writes (random or sequential, small or large). For more information on using this tunable, refer to VVR Planning and Tuning Guide


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