Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
Options are: -A print all disk groups -xTVPCEvpsdGc list volume set, stpool, rvg, rlink, cache, volume, plex, subdisk, export, disk media, disk group or dco and snap records -h list record hierarchies -r list related records -L if -r was used, print extra empty lines before volumes -n restrict output to record names -l list all record information in a verbose format -a list all record information in a one-line format -b print offsets and lengths in standard (512-byte) blocks -f use simple one line list format -m list all record information as a make description -t use one-line format tailored for each record type -q suppress output field header -Q suppresses disk group header -g diskgroup specify a disk group to print -e pattern list records that match this search pattern -D database list information from this database -F format specify the output format -M if -l, print volume name in place of empty primary_datavol -N display only SAN information. default is nonSan only -S print configuration summary information -u h|H|unit print sizes with user readable extensions unit is optional and can be b,B,k,K,m,M,g,G,...


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