Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
addforeign Add a Foreign disk addjbod Specify an array to be JBOD %sassign To assign names to DMP devices disablescsi3 Disable SCSI 3 support %senablescsi3 Enable SCSI 3 support %sexcludearray Exclude an array library/a set of libraries get Obtain DDL attributes such as naming scheme getiscsi To obtain list of parameters of an iSCSI target includearray Include an array library/a set of libraries list To obtain list of DDL discovered entities listexclude Listing Of all excluded Array Libraries listforeign List all Foreign disks listjbod List all JBODs listsupport Listing Of all Supported Arrays listversion Listing of all ASL with their correxponding versions %smodescsi3 Show if SCSI 3 support is enabled or not rmforeign Remove a Foreign disk rmjbod Remove an array from JBOD List set Change DDL attributes such as naming scheme, DMP device names %ssetiscsi To set a parameter of an iSCSI target start Start event source daemon stop Stop event source daemon status Status of the event source daemon restart Restart event source daemon


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