Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
where, -u {k|m|g} Display the number of system blocks transferred in kilo/mega/giga units. -u bytes Display the number of data transferred in bytes. -u us Display average read/write time in microsecond granularity. -u {h|H} Display the number of data transferred in human readable format. -z Filter out those entities for which data is all zero. -s Display per second I/O statistics. -q Displays number of queued I/Os and pending I/Os. -e Displays number of error I/Os (I/Os which returned with error from the layer under DMP). <filter> can be either: all ctlr=<ctlr-name> dmpnodename=<dmp-device-name> enclosure=<enclr-name> [portid=<array-portid>] pathname=<path-name> pwwn=<array-port-wwn> <criteria> can be either: arrayport ctlr dmpnode enclosure NOTE : groupby=<criteria> aggregates the I/Os statistics along the specified <criteria> and, 'pathname' filter is not a valid filter for groupby=<criteria>.


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