Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: Volume Manager 
Subvolume %s: Cannot remove enough mirrors

This message is displayed when the vxassist remove mirror command fails to remove the mirror. This issue is in Storage Foundation Release 5.0 MP3. It will be corrected in a future release.


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Last Modified: 2015-07-27 20:35:45 PDT
Platform: Generic
Release: 5.0MP3

As an alternative, use the vxplex command to remove the mirror.

# vxplex -g testdg -o rm dis myvol2-01
v  myvol2       -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   409600   SELECT    -        fsgen
pl myvol2-02    myvol2       ENABLED  ACTIVE   409600   CONCAT    -        RW
sd disk3-01     myvol2-02    disk3    0        409600   0         sun35100_3 ENA




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