Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
Allocation attributes for vxassist: Usage: vxassist keyword operands ... [!]alloc-attr ... or: vxassist keyword operands ... wantalloc=mirror-attr[,attr[,...]] disk Specify the named disk in the disk group. dm:disk Specify the named disk in the disk group. da:device Specify a disk, by disk device (e.g., da:c0t2d0). ctlr:controller Specify a controller (e.g., ctlr:c1). target:SCSI-target Specify a SCSI target (e.g., target:c0t2). ctype:driver-type Specify a disk controller type (e.g., ctype:emd). ctype:ssa Specify SPARCserver Array controllers. driver:driver-type Specify a disk driver type (e.g., driver:sd). NOTE: wantalloc indicates desired, but not required, restrictions. NOTE: !alloc-attr requests that the specified storage should NOT be used. NOTE: for allocation attributes of the form attr:value, value can be "same" to indicate that allocations should use disks with the same value for the attribute (e.g., ctlr:same requests use of the same controller).


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