Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
Attributes for the vxassist command: [!]alloc-set Specify required restrictions for locations to allocate space from. layout=layout-attr[,...] Set layouts for a make or mirror operation. Use "help layout" for more information. mirror=mirror-attr[,...] Set mirroring attributes. Use "help mirror" for more information. wantalloc=[!]alloc-set[,...] Specify desired locations for allocation. Use "help alloc" for more information. wantmirror=mirror-attr[,...] Specify desired mirroring attributes. Use "help mirror" for more information. columns=stripe-columns Set the number of stripe or RAID-5 columns. stripeunit=stripe-unit-size Set the striping or RAID-5 stripe unit size. loglen=log-size Set DRL or RAID-5 log size. diskgroup=diskgroup-name Set the disk group for make operations. usetype=volume-usage-type Set the usage type for make operations. comment=volume-comment Set the volume comment for a make operation. user=user group=group Set the user and group for a new volume. mode=mode Set the permission modes for a new volume. init=default|active|zero Set the initialization method for the volume.


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