Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
Correct Usage : vxdmpadm disable/enable ctlr=<name> enclosure=<enclosure-name> type=<enclosure-type> disable/enable ctlr=<name> enclosure=<enclosure-name> disable/enable ctlr=<name> type=<enclosure-type> disable/enable ctlr=<name> vxdmpadm listctlr all listctlr enclosure=<enclosure-name> type=<enclosure-type> listctlr type=<enclosure-type> listctlr enclosure=<enclosure-name> listctlr ctlr=<ctlr_name> vxdmpadm getsubpaths dmpnodename=<daname> getsubpaths ctlr=<ctlr_name> vxdmpadm getdmpnode nodename=<daname> getdmpnode enclosure=<enclosure-name> vxdmpadm setattr enclosure <enclosure-name> <attribute=value pairs> vxdmpadm listenclosure <list of enclosure names> listenclosure all


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