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Severity: Warning 
Component: Volume Manager 
Disk device not found


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Last Modified: 2008-12-04 10:07:56 PDT
Platform: Generic
Release: Generic
No physical disk can be found that matches the named disk in the given disk group. This is equivalent to failure of that disk. (Physical disks are located by matching the disk IDs in the disk group configuration records against the disk IDs stored in the Veritas Volume Manager header on the physical disks.) This error message is displayed for any disk IDs in the configuration that are not located in the disk header of any physical disk. This may result from a transient failure such as a poorly-attached cable, or from a disk that fails to spin up fast enough. Alternately, this may happen as a result of a disk being physically removed from the system, or from a disk that has become unusable due to a head crash or electronics failure.

Any RAID-5 plexes, DRL log plexes, RAID-5 subdisks or mirrored plexes containing subdisks on this disk are unusable. Such disk failures (particularly on multiple disks) may cause one or more volumes to become unusable.

If hot-relocation is enabled, Veritas Volume Manager objects affected by the disk failure are taken care of automatically. Mail is sent to root indicating what actions were taken by VxVM, and what further actions you should take.


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