Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: Volume Manager 
disk group groupname import failed: reason

There’s a second part of the error message, which varies depending on the context. The following table shows where to find the description and solution for each message.



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Disk is in use by another host

The message appears when you try to import a disk group with disk(s) moved from a crashed system, or from a system that fails to detect the group before the move. The locks stored on the disks must be cleared.

Solution 1

No valid disk found containing disk group

The disk group does not contain any valid disks (but it might contain disks). A mismatch between the host ID in the configuration copies and that stored in the /etc/vx/volboot file may make the disks invalid.

Solution 1
Disk for disk group not found The message appears because the disk(s) is not accessible after last successful import of disk group, which is a recoverable error. Solution 2
Disk group has no valid configuration copies The error message indicates a fatal error that requires hardware repair or the creation of a new disk group, and recovery of the disk group configuration and data. Solution 2


Note: Solution 3 applies to all the above messages.


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Clear the locks by either of the following ways:


  • Clear the locks on a specific set of devices:

# vxdisk clearimport devicename ...

  • Clear the locks during import:

# vxdg -C import diskgroup

Warning: When you use the vxdisk clearimport or vxdg -C import command to clear the locks, make sure that the disks in this disk group are not in use by another host. If the disks are in use by another host, clearing the locks allows the disks to be accessed at the same time from multiple hosts. This can result in data corruption.

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Force the disk group to be imported by running command:

# vxdg -f import diskgroup

The -f option forces an import if one or more disks are currently unusable or inaccessible. When you use the -f option to force the import of an incomplete disk group, it counts as a successful import. The next time this disk group is imported, the -f option is no longer required. The import completes successfully as long as all the disks in this disk group are accessible.


Warning: Be careful when you use the -f option. It can cause the same disk group to be imported twice from different sets of disks. Consequently, the disk group configuration may become inconsistent.

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You can also use the vxdiskadm utility to clear the locks or force the disk groups to be imported:


  • Select the menu item “Enable access to (deport) a disk group” to deport a disk group.
  • Select the menu item “Enable access to (import) a disk group” to import a disk group.


The vxdiskadm import operation checks for host import locks and prompts to see if you want to clear any that are found. It also starts volumes in the disk group.


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