Error Code details
Severity: Error 
Component: Volume Manager 
Failed to obtain locks:

The Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) utility failed to obtain locks for the required object records to perform the operation.

The VxVM utility performs certain tasks which lead to changes to VxVM objects. To ensure atomicity, these changes are carried out in the form of transactions. These transactions try to acquire locks on the required objects before making any changes. The main reasons obtaining a lock could fail are:

  • An invalid record.  (An incorrect record name is passed for the lock request.)
  • The record name does not exist. (The record may be deleted before the lock request.)
  • The lock was already set. (Another process has been acquired for update.)


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Last Modified: 2011-03-12 03:17:35 PDT
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Wait a few moments and retry the command. Also make sure that the latest VxVM patch is installed.

If the command fails again, contact Symantec Technical Support so they can analyze the error.


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