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Severity: Warning 
Component: Volume Manager 
Duplicate virtual device number(s) Volume remapped


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Last Modified: 2008-12-04 10:07:56 PST
Platform: Generic
Release: Generic
The configuration of the named disk group includes conflicting device numbers. A disk group configuration lists the recommended device number to use for each volume in the disk group. If two volumes in two disk groups happen to list the same device number, then one of the volumes must use an alternate device number. This is called device number remapping. Remapping is a temporary change to a volume. If the other disk group is deported and the system is rebooted, then the volume that was remapped may no longer be remapped. Also, volumes that are remapped once are not guaranteed to be remapped to the same device number in further reboots.

Use the vxdg reminor command to renumber all volumes in the offending disk group permanently.

See the vxdg(1M) manual page.


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