Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
VxVM will use the following format to name disks on the host: <enclosurename>_<diskno> In the above format, <enclosurename> is the logical name of the enclosure to which the disk belongs. VxVM assigns default enclosure names which can be changed according to the user requirements. Some examples would be: hitachi0_2 - second disk detected in enclosure 'hitachi0' enggdept_2 - second disk detected in enclosure 'enggdept' dgc1_1 - first disk detected in enclosure 'dgc1' jbod_1 - first disk detected in the jbod category For non-public loop disks (Ex. FC disks directly connected to the host or through hubs), you could choose to use the c#t#d#s# naming format.


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