Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
Use this operation to analyze one or more LVM Volume Groups for possible conversion to VxVM disk groups thus by analyzing the JFS filesystems and LVM volumes present in a Volume Group. This step checks for problems that would prevent the conversion from completing successfully. For example, it calculates the space required to add an LVM Volume Group's disk's to a VxVM disk group and to replace any existing LVM partitions and volumes with VxVM Volume Manager volumes, plexes, and sub-disks. Also calculates the space required for JFS filesystem to be converted to VxFS, if any on the specified Volume Group. For this release, conversion is only allowed for Non-root LVM Volume Groups and unmounted JFS filesystems present on it. Hence, analysis is only allowed on Non-root LVM Volume Groups and an unmounted JFS filesystems. Here are some LVM Volume Group selection examples: listvg: list all LVM Volume Groups list: list all disk devices vg_name: a single LVM Volume Group, named vg_name


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