Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
Specify whether you would like to provide the virtual and base IP addresses for the network interfaces on the private network for all the nodes in the cluster. The virtual IP addresses are used by CVM for communication. If you do not choose to specify the addresses, then by default, the network addresses of the format 169.254.X.X are used. Note: It is advisable to use private networks for CVM communication. Make sure these addresses are unique on the network, especially if you are using public network (not recommended) for CVM communication. For example, if you have entered a network interface belonging to public network, in the previous step, and do not choose to specify the addresses (CVM's default addresses, 169.254.X.X, are used) then it may cause network problem(s) if the CVM default IP happens to be NOT unique. The above can happen on a site with multiple clusters.


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