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Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
vxcdsconvert - volume manager CDS converter Usage: vxcdsconvert -g diskgroup <options> <keyword> [attribute=value ...] options: [-A] [-d file] -g diskgroup [-o novolstop] keyword: alignment | alldisks | disk <name> | group Keyword: alignment Convert the alignment of the disk group to 8k. alldisks Convert all non-CDS disks in the disk group into CDS disks. disk Convert the specified non-CDS disk into a CDS disk. group Convert the non-CDS disk group into a CDS disk group. Options: -A Analyze and print the steps that would be taken to do the conversion, but do not take them. -d Use the specified file to get additional attributes. -g Use the specified disk group for conversion. -o novolstop Perform conversion without stopping any active volume. Attributes: evac_disk_list Provides an ordered, comma-separated list of disk media to use when evacuating subdisks when evac_subdisks_ok is yes. Default: any disk in the disk group evac_subdisks_ok=<yes|no> Indicates if evacuating subdisk space to another disk in the disk group is allowed. Default: no min_split_size=<number> Minimum size to use when splitting a subdisk. Default: 64k move_subdisks_ok=<yes|no> Indicates if moving subdisk space to another location on the same disk is allowed. Default: yes privlen=<number> Private region size for initializing CDS disks. Must be at least 512k and a multiple of 8k. Default: 1m split_subdisks_ok=<yes|no|move|evac> Indicates if a subdisk may be split in order to evacuate or move it. Default: move


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