Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
Use this operation to analyze one or more LVM Volume Groups for conversion to VxVM disk groups. This operation analyses JFS/JFS2 filesystems and LVM volumes present in a Volume Group. This step checks for problems that would prevent the conversion from completing successfully. For example, it calculates the space required to add a LVM Volume Group's disk's to a VxVM disk group and to replace any existing LVM partitions and volumes with VxVM volumes, plexes, and sub-disks. Also calculates the space required for JFS/JFS2 filesystem to be converted to VxFS, if any on the specified Volume Group. Conversion and analysis are only allowed for Non-root LVM Volume Groups and unmounted JFS/JFS2 filesystems present on it. Here are some LVM Volume Group selection examples: listvg: list all LVM Volume Groups list: list all disk devices vg_name: a single LVM Volume Group, named vg_name


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