Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
You can specify a VID:PID combination at the prompt. The specification can be as follows : VID:PID where VID stands for Vendor ID PID stands for Product ID (The command vxscsiinq in /etc/vx/diag.d can be used to obtain the Vendor ID and Product ID) Both VID and PID can have an optional '*' (asterisk) following them. If a '*' follows VID, it will result in the inclusion of all disks returning Vendor ID starting with the specified VID. The same is true for Product ID as well. Both VID and PID should be non NULL. The maximum allowed lengths for Vendor ID and Product ID are $MAX_VENDORID and $MAX_PRODUCTID characters respectively. Some examples of VID:PID specification are: all - Include all disks aaa:123 - Include all disks having VID 'aaa' and PID '123' aaa*:123 - Include all disks having VID starting with 'aaa' and PID '123' aaa:123* - Include all disks having VID 'aaa' and PID starting with '123' aaa:* - Include all disks having VID 'aaa' and any PID


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