Error Code details
Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
You must now enter a set of disks to include in the root disk group. Please specify disk names of the form c[0-2]t[0-7]d0s[1-e], which will reference disk controller 0 through 2, target ID 0 through 7, and disk slice 1 through 14 (hex e). The first 256 blocks of each named disk partition device will be reserved for storing configuration copies and log copies. The remaining space in each partition device will be available for allocating subdisks. As an alternative, you can name a device ending in $VOL_FULL_SLICE, in which case a sliced disk type will be chosen, with a region for subdisk allocations stored on slice 13 of the disk, and with configuration and log copies stored on slice 14. Be careful: do not choose $VOL_FULL_SLICE if the device has a large slice 14, or you will have to wait for the entire slice 14 to be zeroed, and you will also end up allocating very large configuration copies and log copies. NOTE: Enter a blank line to end the list of disks.


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