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Severity: n/a 
Component: Volume Manager 
vxdisksetup - setup a disk for use with the volume manager Usage: vxdisksetup [-iefr] disk-device-address [ attribute ... ] Options: -i Initialize the private region -e Allocate the private region at the end of the disk -f Force -r Force init if the disk has UFS FS on it Attributes: publen=<number> Length of public region (used to contain subdisks). privlen=<number> Length of private region (used for VM private data). puboffset=<number> Offset to partition containing public region. privoffset=[-]<number> Offset to partition containing private region. format=sliced|simple|cdsdisk Create the specified disk format. privslice=<number> private partition slice number pubslice=<number> public partition slice number noreserve Don't reserve space for future use noconfig Don't store configuration or log copies on the disk. config Do store configuration and log copies (default).


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