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Severity: n/a 
Component: Product Installer for Windows 
Dynamic Multipathing The Veritas Dynamic Multi-pathing option adds fault tolerance by between (DSMs).implemented either through DMP Array Support Libraries (ASLs) or DMP Device Specific Modules a server and a storage array. Veritas Dynamic Multi-pathing is supporting multiple paths Your decision to implement DMP ASLs or MPIO DSMs is based on your environment.Key factors to consider are operating system version and the availability of support for your specific array. DMP Array Support Libraries (ASLs) support:- Windows Server 2003 - Windows mini-port - SCSI port driver DMP Device Specific Modules (DSMs) support: - Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2008 - Windows Storport driver - Microsoft iSCSI Initiator - Dynamic Least Queue Depth load balancing - Active/Active dynamic multi-pathing with clustering Before selecting either DMP ASLs or MPIO DSMs, consult the Veritas Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)


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