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Severity: Error 
Component: Storage Foundation for UNIX/Linux 
SFORA dbed_vmsnap ERROR V-81-5575 Unknown error from dg split.

This message displays during a snapshot operation when Storage Foundation for Oracle (SFORA) creates a new disk group containing snapshot volumes, yet fails to verify it.


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Last Modified: 2011-07-14 17:39:56 PDT
Platform: Solaris 8 (SPARC)
Release: 4.1MP2

SFORA tries to recover from the operation by undoing the actions performed so far and then it exits. However, root users can use the following procedure to recover the operation from the error.

Note: You need root privileges to perform this recovery procedure. There is no work around for non-root users.


Steps 1 and 2 assume that you use the default snapshot disk group prefix SNAP_. ( The default prefix is set with the snapplan parameter SNAPSHOT_DG_PREFIX.) If you use a nondefault prefix for the snapshot disk group, replace SNAP_  with your snapshot disk group prefix.

1. Check whether the snapshot disk group is created:

    $ vxdg list SNAP_disk_group_name

    You can find the disk group name from the snapplan parameter PRIMARY_DG. If you use more than one disk group, PRIMARY_DG lists the disk
    group names delimited by colons. If you have multiple disk groups, you must follow the steps in this procedure for each one.

    If step 1 returns an error such as “No such disk group," the snapshot disk group is not created. In that case, skip step 2 and go to step 3. However, if
    you complete step 1 and see a list of disk group attributes, the snapshot disk group was created, and you need  to join it to the original disk group.


2. Join the snapshot disk group to the original disk group:

    $ vxdg join SNAP_disk_group_name disk_group_name

3. Start the volumes in the disk group:

    $ vxvol –g disk_group_name startall

4. Reattach the snapshot volumes to the original volumes:

    $ vxsnap –g disk_group_name reattach SNAP_volume_name source=volume_name

    The command above assumes that you use the default snapshot volume prefix SNAP_. (The default prefix is set with the snapplan parameter
    SNAPSHOT_VOLUME_PREFIX.) If you use a nondefault prefix for the snapshot volume, replace SNAP_ with your snapshot volume prefix.

    Reattach all the volumes whose plexes were tagged for use as snapshot plexes (using the vxedit command during preparation for the snapshot


    You can use the following command to display the volumes in a disk group:

    $ vxprint –g disk_group_name -v


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