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Severity: n/a 
Component: Cluster Server One 
%s: Resource will not go online because FsckOpt is incomplete

The message is logged if the attribute FsckOpt does not have a value set. This attribute is mandatory for local file systems Veritas File System (VxFS), Journaled File System (JFS), and Enhanced Journaled File System (JFS2).


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Last Modified: 2010-06-05 00:01:34 PST
Platform: Generic
Release: Generic

Use the FsckOpt attribute to specify options for the fsck command. You must correctly set this attribute for local mounts. If the mount process fails, the fsck command is executed with the specified options before it attempts to remount the block device. Its value must include either -y, -n, or -p. The -p option is only for JFS or JFS2 file systems on AIX.


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