Legal Notice

The information presented here does not refer to specific host bus adapter (HBA) models or architectures. Unless stated otherwise, Storage Foundation supports all the HBAs that are supported by the OS and storage array manufacturers listed here. Storage Foundation includes support for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Converged Network Adapters (CNAs), and iSCSI HBAs. For the required HBA BIOS/firmware and driver versions, see the operating system and storage array manufacturers' hardware compatibility support matrices.

The information presented here is only to add exceptions for HBA models that have issues and are therefore not supported by the Storage Foundation products listed. For supported iSCSI initiator versions, see the table below. For details on configuring the iSCSI software initiator, see TechNote 62838.

Starting with 5.0MP3, the Storage Foundation suite of products support configurations using iSCSI transport. Hardware initiators are supported in release 5.1 and later.

HBAs with iSCSI support

OSiSCSI software initiator versionNotes
RHEL 5 or above
SLES 10/11 2.0.707 or above
SLES 11 2.0.707 or above
Microsoft Windows 2.07 or above

HBAs with SAN Boot support

OSHBA modelBoot code version
Solaris SPARC/X64QLogic QLE246x/QLA246xFCode v1.12 or above
Solaris SPARC/X64SUN SG-XPCIxFC-QF4/SG-XPCIExFC-QF4FCode v1.12 or above
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