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Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC VPRO AGENT 1.0 FOR ORACLE APPLICATIONS, VCS35, VCS40 On Solaris SPARC

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reserved.  VERITAS, the VERITAS Logo and all other VERITAS product
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This VCS Agent 1.0 for Oracle Applications patch has been created and tested 
to resolve a problem with the online entry point.  The initial release of the 
agent's online entry point incorrectly ignored the presence of an EnvFile and did
not source the EnvFile upon initiation of the Oracle Applications component 
start script.  As a result, some Oracle Application components do not start
with the proper environment.

This patch fixes the online entry point problem.  The online entry point now 
checks for the presence of the EnvFile and sources this EnvFile if it exists as it 
initiates component startup.  If the EnvFile does not exist, then the online
entry point assumes it is ok to proceed without the file and starts the 
Oracle Apps component without sourcing this environment.   TRACE mode logging messages
have been added to the online entry point to signal which method is being used.

Remember that by design, the EnvFile attribute only contains the name of the environment
file.  This file must exist in the ORACLE_HOME directory.  So, to ensure that 
the environment file is sourced on component startup, the Oracle Apps VCS Administrator
must provide proper values for both the ORACLE_HOME and EnvFile attributes.

Platforms Supported:
Solaris 8 and 9

VCS Versions Supported:
VCS 3.5 and 4.0
Patch Installation Directory Structure:
Once uncompressed and expanded into a temporary directory structure, 
the patch includes the following directories:

  ./doc      Readme and installation documents as required
  ./src      Contains the patch source files
  ./install  Contains the patch installation script
  ./backup   Location where the patch installation script
             will keep an original (backup) copy of the 
             agent monitor script and the agent perl module.

Files Included:
  ./src/monitor.pl         Patched version of the monitor entry point
  ./src/VProOracleApps.pm  Patched version of the agent perl module
  ./install/Install_P1     Patch installation script

Installation Assumptions:
  1. The VCS Administrator will run the ./install/Install_P1 script as root.
  2. The VCS Administrator will ensure that the VCS_HOME environment variable
     is properly set before running the install script. 
  3. Make sure all the VCS resources of type VProOracleApps are offline in the 
     target cluster.

Installation Instructions:
Perform the following on each node in the cluster,
  1. Login as root or su to the root acct
  2. Ensure that VCS_HOME is properly set. For example, using the Bourne shell:
      >vCS_HOME="/opt/VRTSvcs"; export VCS_HOME
  3. Create a temporary installation directory.  For example:
      >mkdir {temp_dir} 
  4. Uncompress, expand the tar file and install the patch as follows:
      >cp VRTSvcsoa.1.0.P1.sol.CD.tar.Z {temp_dir}
      >cd {temp_dir}
      >uncompress VRTSvcsoa.1.0.P1.sol.CD.tar.Z
      >tar -xvf VRTSvcsoa.1.0.P1.sol.CD.tar
      >cd VRTSvcsoa.1.0.P1/install

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