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 Basic information
Release type: Rolling Patch
Release date: 2016-04-08
OS update support: None
Technote: None
Popularity: 1108 viewed    291 downloaded
Download size: 1.28 GB
Checksum: 670763839

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Data Insight 5.0 On Linux
Data Insight 5.0 On Windows 64-bit

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

 Fixes the following incidents:
3764098, 3821579, 3829226, 3831463, 3831766, 3831770, 3834541, 3838166, 3838301, 3839168, 3839638, 3840406, 3841498, 3842792, 3843963, 3845062, 3850401

 Patch ID:

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OS: Windows/Linux

Etrack / JIRA Incidents: 3873661, 3865025, 3859874, 3855646, 3856749, 3852655, 
3853919, 3870457, 3863419, 3855680, 3852650, 3871500, 3872559, 3873015, 3866348, 
3829288, 3853599, 3868944, 3867200, 3865348, 3868034, 3851993, 3860594, 3853599,
3854794, 3865199, 3862667, 3859874, 3859867, DI-1618, DI-1512, DI-1503, DI-1489, 
DI-1487, DI-1433, DI-1430, DI-1381, DI-1355, DI-1338, DI-1150, DI-1187

Errors/Problems Fixed:

3873661 - Keystore password is not encrypted in configuration database.

3865025 - NFSUserMappingJob fails while parsing user's entry with no uid/gid 

3859874 - Ignore file types for events done on streams.

3855646 - DQL report is partially successful. The CSV file is blank when using
the query.

3856749 - Customer's Administrator user with permissions in Data Insight is 
unable to render the pages in the GUI.

3852655 - Watch listed users are not displayed in report output.

3853919 - ADCLI process crash during Active Directory scan.

3870457 - Events from HNAS not found in chronological time order.

3863419 - DQL Custom Attribute search fails to yield any results.

3855680 - idxwriter.exe crashes while trying to process scan metadata files
when maximum number of events in memory threshold is reached.

3852650 - When "Number of threads for a single report run" is greater than 1,
merge_rpt.exe fails to merge report output correctly for Entitlement Review 

3871500 - File size not shown under the Workspace tab for some files on the FAT
file system.

3872559 - DFS File location in Data Loss Prevention administration console 
unable to link to file in Data Insightconsole.

3873015 - controlpoint.exe crashes on Indexer node’s serving SharePoint web 

3866348 - report.exe crashes in scenario where share and its subfolder are 
added when configuring a Whitelist policy.

3829288 - Fixed issue in the User Activity Deviation Policy that causes the
Policies report to crash sometimes when a large number of policies are 

3853599 - Support for internet proxy communication while configuring Box filer.

3868944 - activityidx.exe process is taking up a large amount of memory.

3867200 - .xls files are showing up in media files 'Consumption by file group' 

3865348 - Output formats of Box Event API changes to string data type causing 
exception 'Cannot construct instance of long from String value 'XXXX': not a 
valid Long value'.

3868034 - Entitlement workflow shows paths as failed for DFS shares.

3851993 - Report fails or completes without formatted output. The user access 
summary report takes a long time on a big setup.

3860594 - Reports run under parallel threads may be empty of data.

3853599 - Need to configure Data Insight to connect to internet.

3854794 - Data Insight user interface freezes when Users or Groups view is 

3865199 - permchg_cifs* files build up in DATADIR\indexer\err folder on 

3862667 - Report.exe crashed with Error 0xc0000409 - The system detected an 
overrun of a stack-based buffer in this application.

3859874 - Need to investigate missing filetypes for cluster mode filers.

3859867 - SharePoint scan errors in indexer/err folder when trying to process 
manually idxwriter.exe is crashing.

DI-1618 - When editing a report, if you select the All Physical Resources check
box under the Data Selection pane, the User Selection pane hangs.

DI-1512 - Fixed search filter under the Permissions section of the Workflow 
Details page of Entitlement Review Workflow.

DI-1503 - When a vFiler is added into DI, the latencies of its corresponding 
physical filer are not fetched if it is not added as a separate physical filer.
Hence, safeguard for vFiler does not work correctly.

DI-1489 - Filer health for NetApp CMode shows as needs 
attention(Event monitoring stopped), but actually event monitoring happens as

DI-1487 - Fixed multiple occurrences of winnas_util.exe while enabling SACL on
HNAS share.

DI-1433 - ADCLI process crashes during Active Directory scan.

DI-1430 - Storage by domain report, does not show dynamic custom attribute in 
table header Edit Comment Assign More Reopen Export.

DI-1381 - SharePoint scanner should continue to fetch item list when timeout 
occurs instead of aborting the scanner process.

DI-1355 - Data Aging report for custodians has multiple duplicate rows in 
output. This duplication happens when the same custodian is assigned explicitly
on nested paths.

DI-1338 - Access Summary for Paths and Access Summary for Users/Groups show 
incorrect output for Box for a specific user.

DI-1150 - DQL Custom Attribute search fails to yield any results.

DI-1187 - Extend maximum allowed file extension length to 15 characters so
that longer extensions are not ignored by DQL.

Install/Uninstall Instructions:

Apply this rolling patch on all Data Insight servers with version 5.0.


1. Please keep a backup of the Data Insight files in the installation 
directory. This will be required in case you want to manually rollback the 

2. Prior to 5.0 We used to release Linux builds with different naming 
convention For e.g. 
From 5.0 onwards Linux installers are named as:
for 64 bit Linux RHEL5 OS, for 64 bit 
Linux RHEL6 OS, and for 64 bit 
Linux RHEL7.

High Level Steps:
1. Apply the rolling patch on Management Server first, followed by all worker
2. Next, apply patch to Windows File Server agents (if applicable).
3. Next, apply patch to Microsoft SharePoint agents (if applicable).

Patching Data Insight Management Server and worker nodes:

1. Log onto each server with Administrative privileges.
2. Unzip the patch files to a temporary folder. In this folder, locate the 
   rolling patch installer for the appropriate OS architecture. The installer
   is called Symantec_DataInsight_windows_50RP2_5_0_2_7070_x64.exe
   for 64 bit 
   Windows OS,
   for 64 bit Linux RHEL5 OS, for 64 bit 
   Linux RHEL6 OS and for 64 bit 
   Linux RHEL7.
3. Launch the installer executable to install the rolling patch.

Patching Data Insight Windows File Server agents:

1. Unzip the patch files to a temporary folder. In this folder, locate the 
   rolling patch installer bundles for Windows File Server agents. The agent
   bundle is called for 64 bit OS.
2. Log into the Data Insight Management Console with Server Administrator 
   privilege and upload the agent bundles to the appropriate Collector worker
   nodes using "Upload Manager" page on the Settings tab.
3. Navigate to Filer details page for each configured Windows File Server from 
   the Settings tab, and click on "Upgrade Agent" button available on the top of
   the page. This option is only visible if you have enabled the option to let 
   Data Insight install/upgrade agent for this filer.
4. Alternately, to manually patch a Windows File Server agent, log onto the 
   Windows File Server machine with Administrative privileges, unzip the agent
   installer bundle in a temporary location, and launch the patch installer. 
   The patch installer is called 
   for 64 bit OS.

Patching Data Insight Microsoft SharePoint agent:

1. Log onto the SharePoint farm machine where the SharePoint agent has been 
   previously installed.
2. Uninstall the old agent using the "Add/Remove Programs" applet in Control 
3. Unzip the patch files to a temporary folder. In this folder, locate the 
   SharePoint agent installer. The installer is called 
   Symantec_DataInsight_sharepoint2007_50RP2_5_0_2_7070.exe for SharePoint 2007, 
   Symantec_DataInsight_sharepoint2010_50RP2_5_0_2_7070.exe for SharePoint 2010, 
   Symantec_DataInsight_sharepoint2013_50RP2_5_0_2_7070.exe for SharePoint 2013.
4. Launch the installer to install the new agent.

Additional Notes:
1. At this time, automated rollback of patch is not supported. To roll back the
patch manually:
   a. Remember to take a backup of original files before you install the rolling
   b. To roll back the patch, stop all Data Insight services, overwrite the 
      patched files with original files from backup, and restart the services.
2. To confirm if a system has been patched, check the version of Data Insight
using the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel.

3. Support for smart connect mapping to access zone. Kindly refer 
"What's new in Symantec Data Insight" section in Symantec Data Insight 5.0.2 
Release Notes, for more details.

4. Configuring Box cloud resources through proxy server. Kindly refer 
"What's new in Symantec Data Insight" section in Symantec Data Insight 5.0.2 
Release Notes, for more details. 

Incidents fixed in 5.0RP1

3764098 - Box Scan does not capture "created_by_user" information for file and 

3821579 - Permissions Search report > Select Action > Remove Permissions view 
is not rendered correctly in case of large number of paths in the report output

3829226 - In the Self-Service Portal, the Ownership Confirmation workflow has 
been in grace period for 5 days.

3831463 - On the System Overview page, the device pie-chart for SharePoint slice
shows 25.00 instead of 25% (percentage).

3831766 - In the Workspace, a cross launch always opens in the Overview tab, 
instead of opening in previously opened tab.

3831770 - For certain pages like Inactive Folders etc., the profile page is 
truncated at the bottom.

3834541 - When trying to launch a group name having the equal sign "=", the
Dashboard displays an error message.

3838166 - Some events are lost when audit data is collected for Hitachi NAS 

3838301 - SharePoint scanner goes in a loop generating huge scan database files.

3839168 - In case of Box devices, LocalUserScanJob executes successfully first 
time, but fails from second time onwards.

3839638 - For SharePoint server 2013, few SharePoint groups are not rendered in
the management console for site collections.

3840406 - Addition of filers of type Isilon, Hitachi NAS, and NetApp 
cluster-mode should also add filer entry under the Data Management > Add Filer
Mappings page.

3841498 - Add Show permissions and Show activity status checkboxes in the 
Entitlement Review workflow template under portal options.

3842792 - In case of Permissions Search report, add horizontal scroll bars
for the Remove Permissions pop-up.

3843963 - During Indexer migration, all Indexer data for the destination Indexer
appears to be missing.

3845062 - Email notification in Data Insight does not work if the SMTP port 
number is set to a value other than 25.

3850401 - Due to timing issue, the Export option is not consistently available
in the Workspace.

Incidents fixed in 5.0

3791005 - If Permission Remediation (Email for raising ticket) is configured in
the Entitlement Review workflow, and you submit a path without making any 
changes to the permissions, the mail is not sent. Also, the status for that path
always remains "Executing Action".

3798450 - Extended workflow date is not used. Workflow moves to completed date 
after the end_date specified during workflow creation.

3793823 - Usermaps file size is too large. 

3778465 - Indexing of certain shares is too slow.

3771762 - SharePoint scanner creates large temp files (hundreds of MB).

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