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The latest patch(es) : vm-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP8 
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 Basic information
Release type: Rolling Patch
Release date: 2008-10-06
OS update support: None
Technote: 275787
Documentation: None
Popularity: 490 viewed    14 downloaded
Download size: 186.34 MB
Checksum: 2393962330

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Storage Foundation 4.1MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Storage Foundation Cluster File System 4.1MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 4.1MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Storage Foundation HA 4.1MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Volume Manager 4.1MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Volume Replicator 4.1MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
vm-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP8 2009-12-21
vm-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP7 (obsolete) 2009-06-03

This patch supersedes the following patches: Release date
vm-hpux1123-4.1_MP2_RP2_2008-08-11 (obsolete) 2008-08-11

 Fixes the following incidents:
1057144, 1086773, 1086980, 1184361, 1227940, 1254820, 1269396, 1275934, 1280480, 1280481, 1286814, 1289509, 1292634, 1315267

 Patch ID:

 Readme file  [Save As...]
Date: 2008-10-06
OS Version: 11.23
Etrack Incidents: 1057144, 1086773, 1086980, 1184361, 1227940, 1254820, 1269396, 1275934, 1280480, 1280481, 1286814, 1289509, 1292634, 1315267
Errors/Problems Fixed:
e1057144 DCO maps get unexpected cleared.leading to data corruption 
e1086773 vxconfigd semaphore should not be world modifiable 
e1086980 case 240-588-425 pri [2] false serial split brain detection 
e1184361 ASL Request HxRT SF-RAC 4.1mp1 HP_UX 11.23 Hitachi DF800 
e1227940 VxVM : 311-758-846 : HP : QXCR1000740460 : locker forgot to unlock panic while testing campus cluster. 
e1254820 what string of VxVM .o modules include meaningless string "@(#)comms:%M% %I%"  
e1269396 /etc/vx/ permissions are incorrect 
e1275934 vxbrk_rootmir fails if a volume name = end of another vol name 
e1280480 vxvm gives same dmpnode for 2 netapp luns 
e1280481 Allow mixed Naming Schemes, OSN/EBN 
e1286814 311-536-294 / HP / Several bugs in vxassist relayout option and vxrelayout 
e1289509 VxVM : 240-755-355 : vxconfigd dumps core in assign_disk_unique_native_name() 
e1292634 PFTO value is set for only one paths though the DMP node has multiple paths. 
e1315267 [HPUX 11.23PA CVM 41MP2RP1HF4] incorrect vxdg free output and vxconfigd core dump 

Fixes Applied for Products:
Volume Manager

Install/Uninstall Instructions:
1. Remove all the UnOfficial patches before installing patch.

2. Install this patch using:

	$ swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s <patch location> PHCO_38463 PHCO_38464 PHKL_38428

3. Please do swverify after installing the patches in order to make sure
   that the patches are installed correctly using:

	$ swverify PHCO_38463 PHCO_38464 PHKL_38428

4. Uninstall the patches using:

	$ swremove -x autoreboot=true PHCO_38463 PHCO_38464 PHKL_38428

Additional Notes:
The Patch 4.1 VxVM MP2RP4 (PHCO_38464, PHKL_38428i and PHCO_38463) can
be installed on VRTSvxvm(4.1.011 or 4.1.010) installed.

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