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Release date: 2018-06-20
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Data Insight 6.1 On Windows 64-bit

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OS: Windows/Linux

Etrack Incidents: 3951891

List Of Issues Fixed in 6.1.2 Release Pack.

CFT-776 - Data Insight was unable to process the scanned data from Box if the same files or directories were renamed multiple times between the two scans.

CFT-934 - The query daemon became unresponsive after the discovery of a large number of site collections.

CFT-967 - After installing Data Insight 6.1.1, an attempt to add OneDrive as a cloud source failed because OneDrive could not be authorized through proxy.

CFT-1001 - The customers using the Hitachi NAS device experience a number of HNAS audit-events-missed errors, which wrongly reflect as errors caused in Data Insight.

CFT-1021 - When generating the Entitlement Review Report, the custodians receive emails even if Do not email custodians check-box is selected on the report configuration page.

CFT-1052 - Audit consuming failed because the CollectorJob wrongfully created a number of 0 kb Audit_fs files on the Collector node, which could not be handled properly by the Pre-IndexerJob on the Indexer node.

CFT-1075 - When Secure Boot was enabled on Windows Server 2016 filer, Data Insight filter driver failed to load, which caused disruption in data monitoring and reporting.

CFT-1117 - Scheduled reports in Data Insight were not executing after applying 6.1 RP1.

CFT-1132 - After upgrading to Data Insight 6.1.1, the Entitlement Review workflow failed immediately after being submitted.

CFT-1136 - Classification content fetching safeguard did not work if the folder containing the classification metadata and the Data Insight data directory were on separate disk drives.

CFT-1150 - All Data Insight reports failed to generate if the user’s login name contained a special character.

Install/Uninstall Instructions:

Apply this rolling patch on all Data Insight servers with version 6.1 or 6.1.1.

NOTE: Please keep a backup of the Data Insight files in the installation 
directory. This will be required in case you want to manually rollback the 

High Level Steps:
1. Apply the rolling patch on Management Server first, followed by all worker
2. Next, apply patch to Windows File Server agents (if applicable).
3. Next, apply patch to Microsoft SharePoint agents (if applicable).

Patching Data Insight Management Server and worker nodes:

1. Log onto each server with Administrative privileges.
2. Unzip the patch files to a temporary folder. In this folder, locate the 
   rolling patch installer for the appropriate OS architecture. The installer
   is called Veritas_DataInsight_windows_61RP2_6_1_2_9905_x64.exe
   for 64 bit Windows OS, for 64 bit 
   Linux RHEL6 OS and for 64 bit 
   Linux RHEL7.
3. Launch the installer executable to install the rolling patch.

Patching Data Insight Windows File Server agents:

1. Unzip the patch files to a temporary folder. In this folder, locate the 
   rolling patch installer bundles for Windows File Server agents. The agent
   bundle is called	 for 64 bit OS.
2. Log into the Data Insight Management Console with Server Administrator 
   privilege and upload the agent bundles to the appropriate Collector worker
   nodes using "Upload Manager" page on the Settings tab.
3. Navigate to Filer details page for each configured Windows File Server from 
   the Settings tab, and click on "Upgrade Agent" button available on the top of
   the page. This option is only visible if you have enabled the option to let 
   Data Insight install/upgrade agent for this filer.
4. Alternately, to manually patch a Windows File Server agent, log onto the 
   Windows File Server machine with Administrative privileges, unzip the agent
   installer bundle in a temporary location, and launch the patch installer. 
   The patch installer is called 
   for 64 bit OS.

Patching Data Insight Microsoft SharePoint agent:

1. Log onto the SharePoint farm machine where the SharePoint agent has been 
   previously installed.
2. Uninstall the old agent using the "Add/Remove Programs" applet in Control 
3. Unzip the patch files to a temporary folder. In this folder, locate the 
   SharePoint agent installer. The installer is called 
   Veritas_DataInsight_sharepoint2007_61RP2_6_1_2_9905.exe for SharePoint 2007, 
   Veritas_DataInsight_sharepoint2010_61RP2_6_1_2_9905.exe for SharePoint 2010,  
   Veritas_DataInsight_sharepoint2013_61RP2_6_1_2_9905.exe for SharePoint 2013,
   Veritas_DataInsight_sharepoint2016_61RP2_6_1_2_9905.exe for SharePoint 2016.
4. Launch the installer to install the new agent.

Additional Notes:
1. At this time, automated rollback of patch is not supported. To roll back the
   patch manually:
   a. Remember to take a backup of original files before you install the rolling
   b. To roll back the patch, stop all Data Insight services, overwrite the 
      patched files with original files from backup, and restart the services.
2. To confirm if a system has been patched, check the version of Data Insight
   using the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel.

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