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 Basic information
Release type: General Availability
Release date: 2019-11-25
OS update support: RHEL8 x86-64 Update 0,1,2
Technote: None
Documentation: None
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Checksum: -

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
InfoScale Availability 7.4.1 On RHEL8 x86-64
InfoScale Enterprise 7.4.1 On RHEL8 x86-64
InfoScale Foundation 7.4.1 On RHEL8 x86-64
InfoScale Storage 7.4.1 On RHEL8 x86-64

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

 Fixes the following incidents:

 Patch ID:

Readme file
Veritas InfoScale 7.4.1 for RHEL 8 Readme
* Important release information
* Installing Veritas InfoScale products
* Restarting the installer after a failed network connection

Important release information
Documents for this release are available on the SORT website at:
Documentation is no longer available with the tarball.

Review the following information before installing the product:

* For information on system requirements, supported operating systems,
  and database versions for various components of Veritas InfoScale
  product suite, see the Veritas InfoScale Release Notes.

* For important updates regarding this release, see the 
  Updates, Patches, and Late Breaking News (LBN) for Veritas InfoScale 7.4.1 for UNIX (AIX, Linux, Solaris):

* For the latest patches available for this release, visit:

* For the latest information on supported hardware, see the 
  Veritas InfoScale 7.4.1 Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) - AIX, Linux, Solaris:
  The hardware compatibility list contains information about supported
  hardware and is updated regularly.

* For the latest information on supported software, visit:
  Look for the Veritas InfoScale 7.4.1 Software Compatibility List - Linux.
  The software compatibility list summarizes each Veritas InfoScale
  product stack and the product features, operating system versions, and
  third-party products that it supports.

* For detailed information on installation, see the Veritas InfoScale
  Installation Guide.

Installing Veritas InfoScale products
1. Review the installation and system requirements.

2. Install or upgrade to the supported operating system.

3. Veritas InfoScale products are installed under /opt. Ensure that
   the /opt directory has enough free space and proper permissions.

4. Download and uncompress the Veritas InfoScale software or mount the
   ISO image.
   Note: Download the files to a directory that does not contain any previous
   versions of Veritas InfoScale products or any maintenance packs.

5. Verify the compatibility of the system for installation. If any
   issues are reported, fix them.
   # ./installer -precheck.

6. For remote installation or installation on multiple systems, set up
   rsh or ssh.
   Note: The Veritas InfoScale installer can configure ssh and rsh, if required.

7. Install the Veritas InfoScale software.
   # ./installer.

Restarting the installer after a failed network connection
If an installation is aborted because of a failed network connection,
restarting the installer will detect the previous installation. The
installer prompts to resume the installation. If you choose to resume the
installation, the installer proceeds from the point where the
installation aborted. If you choose not to resume, the installation
starts from the beginning.
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