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Release date: 2009-07-13
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
FileStore 5.0.2 On SLES9 x86-64

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 Fixes the following incidents:
1474400, 1513169, 1516981, 1522152, 1524048, 1526964, 1530635, 1530638, 1530645, 1534487, 1535115, 1535360, 1541701, 1542351, 1542557, 1545607, 1545629, 1545660, 1545696, 1557878, 1557893, 1586228, 1586349, 1587573, 1587818, 1588873, 1589213, 1589858, 1593580, 1594110, 1594195, 1595324, 1595464, 1600238

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OS Version:9 SP3

Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable File Server Patch Upgrade README

I.   Overview
II.  Changes in the new patch
III. Upgrade procedure
IV. Scalable File Server Documentation

I. Overview

The Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable File Server
provides a scalable clustered storage solution.

II. Fixes in new patch

The major fix areas in this patch are the following:

ò 16-node support 
ò Trusted domain home dir support 
ò Huawei array ASL issue. 
ò XML fixes 

Etrack Incidents:1535360, 1587818, 1545607, 1586349, 1600238, 1524048, 1541701, 1530635, 1516981, 1526964, 1530638, 1530645, 1474400, 1534487, 1545629, 1557878, 1545696, 1522152, 1535115, 1545660, 1589213, 1542351, 1586228, 1588873, 1594110, 1595324, 1595464, 1587573, 1589858, 1557893, 1542557, 1593580, 1594195, 1513169

Errors/Problems Fixed:

User added as 'storage-admin' but it is shown as 'master.'(e1535360)
Changes to support 16 nodes.(e1587818)
No return for the 'cluster delete' command in XML mode.(e1545607)
While adding a new node to the cluster you need to clear the previously added SSH keys.(e1586349)
It takes too long to failover an NFS share service in a 12-node SFS cluster.(e1600238)
The 'Network> show' command output shows statistics that are not available.(e1524048)
The route delete reply message appears as failed, however it has been successfully deleted.(e1541701)
The user should be restricted not to remove files for passwd/shadow/group in the 'nsswitch' settings.(e1530635)
The SFS nodes cannot be rebooted after SFS executes the 'reboot all' command.(e1516981)
Support for trusted domain home directory.(e1526964)
Unable to create a user starting with a numeric value.(e1530638)
Guest access failed when local authentication was in use.(e1530645)
Junk messages shown while trying to 'set homedir' for a user if the file system is full.(e1474400)
The global quota value should be applicable to the home directory. They are automatically created from Windows.(e1534487)
If SFS sets owner to a noexistuser when exporting a file system, an error should be prompted, but the file system will still be exported.(e1545629)
A file system's snapshot and this file system can not be exported at the same time.(e1557878)
The two ways to display the ASL problem of S6800.(e1545696)
DST policy schedule are available only on master.(e1522152)
The 'fs growto' with protection=pool command does not report an error when the growto size is greater than the maximum pool size.(e1535115)
When running the 'scanbus' command, a message about 'cannot identify LSILOGIC vendor' is prompted.(e1545660)
Whether a snapshot is removable or not, the 'snap list' and 'snapshot list [fsname]' commands give two different results.(e1589213)
A very long pool name messes up the output of the 'pool list' command.(e1542351)
The 'scanbus' command shows junk message.(e1586228)
Regression: An error should be given to 'set fastresync' specifying a disk not part of any pool.(e1588873)
The 'tier schedule list' command fails.(e1594110)
Syntax error in the 'tier schedule modify' command.(e1595324)
The 'pool remove disk' (rmdisk) command is unable to remove a disk.(e1595464)
The 'option show dmpio' command displays information for only one node.(e1587573)
The patch installation takes more than 3 hours on a 16-node vmware cluster.(e1589858)
Failed to run the 'tethereal show [nodename]' and 'tethereal export url [nodename]' commands.(e1557893)
An error message is displayed when the virtual-name, emm, master, and media server name that was entered starts with a '-' (hyphen).(e1542557)
After the 16-node patch is installed in XML mode, no output is displayed for the 'pool free' command.(e1593580)
XML output for newly changed commands.(e1594195)
An error is not returned in the proper format.(e1513169)

Install/Uninstall Instructions:

II. Upgrade Procedure

Please read the following information before upgrading your system 
with the SFS patch upgrade.

NOTE: After you have installed, uninstalled, or synchronized a 
new SFS patch into your cluster, the list of available commands may change. 
Please re-login to the CLI to access the updated features.

Install the SFS 5.0.2 if not already installed.
Login to the system with master user.
Go to upgrade section and apply the patch with command
 >> patch install <URL>

For more information please refer the man pages.

IV. Scalable File Server Documentation

Additional documentation to read if you have not yet 
installed Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable 
File Server.

 - "Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable File Server Release Notes"
 - "Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable File Server Installation Guide"
 - "Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable File Server Administrator's Guide"

The "Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable File Server Release Notes" 
contain important operating system requirements, as well as 
information about known issues.

Scalable File Server Documentation Set

Scalable File Server documentation consists of:

 - Manuals (available in PDF for printing)
 - Online Help 
 - Man pages (Linux Server)

What Manuals Ship With Scalable File Server?
Portable Document Format (PDF) files of all Veritas 
Storage Foundation Scalable File Server manuals are 
located in the /docs directory under the <INSTALLDIR> 

The following manuals ship with the product:

 - "Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable File Server 
    Installation Guide"

 - "Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable File Server 
    Administrator's Guide"

 - "Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable File Server
    Release Notes"

Accessing Online Help
You can display online help by typing a command 
and then a question mark (?)
Manual Pages
On Scalable File Server hosts, you can access
manual pages by typing this command:

  man <command>

On Scalable File Server hosts, the installation script 
installs the Scalable File Server nroff-tagged man 
pages in the appropriate directories 
under: <INSTALLDIR>.
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