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Release type: Hot Fix
Release date: 2009-11-18
OS update support: None
Technote: 337617
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
CommandCentral 5.1.1 On Solaris SPARC

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Readme file
README for VCC 5.1.1 CPI Hot Fix for unblocking VCS check and bailout if any shared component are getting upgraded on VCS cluster.

VERITAS CommandCentral Storage 5.1.1

Apply this hot fix only on following systems.
1. Having VCS installed and configured and one wants to install Management server on the system.
2. Bailout if any shared component are getting upgraded.

Products installed.
Header Information
Synopsis: CPI Hot Fix for supporting install of VCC5.1.1 Management server on on VCS cluster.

ID#:            CPI hot fix 2.
Fixed Files:    Not applicable.
Platform:       SunOS
Date:           Nov 10, 2009.
Etrack Incidents: 1882933
Issues Fixed
VCC5.1.1 management server installtion is by default blocked on systems where VCS is installed and configured, 
this patch will allow install of VCC5.1.1 management server in VCS environment and bailout if any shared component are getting upgraded.
Copy the CPI patch provided to local system from where installation is intended to start.
From unix directory in the install image, run the following command.
./installer  -require <absolute path of CPI patch>

E.g:./installer -require /tmp/
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