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Release type: Rolling Patch
Release date: 2010-02-01
OS update support: None
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
File System 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation Cluster File System 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation for Oracle 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation HA 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)

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This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
fs-hpux1131-5.0MP1P8 (obsolete) 2011-12-22
fs-hpux1131-5.0MP1P5 (obsolete) 2011-06-14
fs-hpux1131-5.0MP1P4 (obsolete) 2011-02-24
fs-hpux1131-5.0MP1P3 (obsolete) 2010-11-30
fs-hpux1131-5.0MP1P2 (obsolete) 2010-10-19
fs-hpux1131-5.0MP1P1 (obsolete) 2010-07-23
sfha-hpux1131-5.0MP1 2010-07-14
fs-hpux1131-5.0RP8 (obsolete) 2010-04-16

This patch supersedes the following patches: Release date
fs-hpux1131-5.0RP5 (obsolete) 2009-04-28
fs-hpux1131-5.0GARP2 (obsolete) 2008-11-12
5.0RP1 VxFS (11.31) (obsolete) 2008-08-01

This patch requires: Release date
fs-hpux1131-5.0RP6 (obsolete) 2009-11-03

 Fixes the following incidents:

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Readme file
Date: 2009-12-16
OS Version:11.31
Etrack Incidents: 1922820
Errors/Problems Fixed:
1922820 IAUs are getting corrupted and fsck is marking for full fsck, on a 6TB fs causing outage

1375225 : An assert f:vx_fsvm_init:1 is hit when    
1540393 : LM odm stress test hits assert f:vx_mkimtran:1c with  
1587209 : HPUX-11.31 cfs-odmqa-conformance 501A37 build setup test hit  
1591316 : CFS looping in vx_dele_get_freespace() due to smap marked     
1592829 : Panic in fcache_as_uiomove()called with FAUI_NO_GPAGE when    
1593062 : vx_tflush_map() should not disable fs if just map marked bad  
1593480 : AxRT5.0MP3: CFS filesystem needs fsck but is mounted on one   
1602560 : quotacheck coredumps with more than 30 quota- enabled 
1665095 : turn DRB lock into a no-op on non-AIX platforms       
1710912 : subtype command not returning     
1710913 : Heavy rwlock contention on file caused by vx_read_flush().    
1710918 : DPF in vx_dnlc_pathname_realloc       
1710926 : HP LM stress hit an assert "Fault when executing in kernel    
1711827 : vxupgrade 5->6 still fails with ENFILE
1711828 : Need to release CPU in vx_multi_bufinval () for local mount large extent
1711829 : ncheck command dumps core
1711831 : VxFS does not release vfs in the presence of nested mounts.
1781088 : VX_SETEXT ioctl doesn't require full license on 11.31
1787930 : VX_SETEXT with VX_GROWFILE could fail to grow the file or expose uninitialized data.
1790345 : CIO returned ENOTSUP (124) and caused DB2 to crash
1791062 : Panic in fcache_vn_flush() due to race in vx_vget()
1791916 : HP-UX 11.31 cfs Test cfs-stress-enterprise hit the same assert :f:vx_cwfrz_wait:2 is with 501A38 build setup.
1791925 : filesystem performance degradation
1795150 : Panic occurs while doing nested mount when the base cluster mounted base fs gets force unmounted
1799462 : HPUX11.31 test LM cmds-> fsvoladm-> devreorg-> fsvoladm.devreorg.26 is failing with build setup 501A32
1805138 : HPUX11.31 LM-conformance->fcl -> fcl_inode is hit an assert f:vx_msgprint:ndebug on machine with Build :: 501A39 set up
1838743 : Data page fault at vx_qiostats_update() due to fiostats structure already free'd
1839047 : file system disabled.
1839269 : HPUX11.23 SFCFS 5.0MP1RP3HF6 - Request fix Etrack 1122868 - vxupgrade to 7 fields uninitialised
1843818 : System panic in inctext: VTEXT not set and tcount > 0
1853878 : 'mv' hung on CFS

i18n (PHCO_40290)
1705724 : fsppadm.1m manual page needs clarification the analysis keyword's limitations

1603304 : Remove the dependency from VXFS patch PHKL_40059 on ODM patch PHKL_39471

1382183 : Enhancement to vx_getattr() taking IGLOCK in share mode 
1448064 : Fails to create 11g database with ODM on VxFS filesystem 
1473912 : Need to change VX_GET_NINODE value back to 57 in 4.x and later 
1511140 : LxRT 5.0MP3 CFS fsqa fcl/misc fcl_write.2 test hits assert f:vx_getmap:4 
1512755 : Panic in vx_unlockmap due to null ml_tranp pointer 
1514803 : Infinite loop in bmap/transaction processing during clone removal truncate/push operation. 
1518677 : bdf commands hung in VX_CFS_GLOCK_GRANT_WAIT when CVM 
1518685 : SDET performance regression on 128 cpu machines 
1522884 : Checkpoint clonedb fails giving error ORA 600 for online, offline, instant checkpoints 
1523978 : EastWest Neo Medical Center: HPUX11v2 IA64 4.1 + Willow + UNOF_4_1p1cpp1/kpp1 2 node RAC. Suspect panics in fdd_siodone 
1527171 : mkfs fails on EVFS volume 
1531603 : f:vx_extentalloc:1d during policy enforcement on CFS secondary 
1533832 : JAGag22272 write reutrns error, as dio fails due to wrong max iosize estimate 
1478188 : fsclustadm cfsdeinit failed with "device busy". PHKL_37113 installed. 
1534324 : HPUX11.31 running LM-stress.odm-S13 got an assert panic: Data page fault.with build 501A27.
1541914 ; Panic at volkio_to_kio_copy() - ODM async I/O buffer with invalid b_spaddr 
1544434 : CFS MTS inode leaks - inode allocations do not seem to use partial IAU's 

1385482 : [HPUX11.23 IA SFCFS 5.0MP1] [Samsung] takes time for du/bdf to report the same after files are removed 
1443128 : CFS 5.x primary umount hang when full fsck is set 
1448064 : Fails to create 11g database with ODM on VxFS filesystem 
1448113 : HPUX11.31:fdd:Hitting an assert f:vx_dev_strategy:2a while async reads on clone. 
1452036 : invalid ACLs can be set on HP 
1453978 : odmmkfile/qiomkfile should fail for non-root users 

PHCO_40290( b_5_0_hp1131_ga-rp_maint)
1449931 : odmmkfile/qiomkfile should fail for non-root users 

1289133 : JAGag24745: Oracle text not getting large pages 
1303571 : Difference in VX_FREEZE behavior in hpux 11.31 as compared to hpux 11.23 
1303572 : vx_lookup returning ENOENT due to stale negative DNLC entry 
1315116 : Assertion panic during hazard C8 run 
1363788 : getacl() fails with Invalid argument 
1364185 : Kernel panics with bad_kern_reference during SFRAC testing on 5.0/11.31 

1234527	VxFS gives EINVAL in write() with Oracle (without ODM), on query such as parallel index creation.
1249412	[QXCR1000760213] - UNIX 2003 FIFO modifed times not being updated
1252119	[willow5.0] DPF in vx_cbuf_revoke_blk
1262435	HP 5.0 11.31RP4 LM stress test hit an assert "f:vx_dio_chain_start:1x"

Fixes Applied for Products:
Veritas File System

Install and Uninstall Instructions:
1.Installing VxFS 5.0-GA-RP7 patch:

a)If you install this patch on a CVM cluster, install it one
 system at a time so that all the nodes are not brought down

b)VxFS 5.0(GA)  must be installed before applying these

c)To verify the VERITAS file system level, enter:

     # swlist -l product | egrep -i 'VRTSvxfs'

  VRTSvxfs        VERITAS File System

Note : VRTSfsman is a corequisite for VRTSvxfs.Hence VRTSfsman also
needs to be installed alongwith VRTSvxfs.

    # swlist -l product | egrep -i 'VRTS'

  VRTSvxfs      Veritas File System
  VRTSfsman      Veritas File System Manuals

d)All prerequisite/corequisite patches have to be installed.The Kernel patch
  requires a system reboot for both installation and removal.

e)To install the patch, enter the following command:

# swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s <patch_directory> PHKL_40650 

Incase the patch is not registered, the patch can be registered
using the following command:

# swreg -l depot <patch_directory>,

where  <patch_directory> is the absolute path where the patch resides.

2.Removing VxFS 5.0-GA-RP7 patch:

a)To remove the patch, enter the following command:

# swremove -x autoreboot=true PHKL_40650
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