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The latest patch(es) : vm-sles10_ppc64-5.0MP4RP1HF1 
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 Basic information
Release type: Hot Fix
Release date: 2010-04-30
OS update support: None
Technote: None
Documentation: None
Popularity: 477 viewed    2 downloaded
Download size: 14.64 MB
Checksum: 1045443602

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Volume Manager 5.0MP4 On SLES10 ppc64

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
vm-sles10_ppc64-5.0MP4RP1HF1 2011-06-09

 Fixes the following incidents:
1212791, 1481493, 1529858, 1668978, 1938907, 1946936, 1946939, 1956777, 1977146

 Patch ID:

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Etrack Incidents: 1977146, 1668978, 1956777, 1938907, 1481493, 1946936, 1946939, 1212791, 1529858

VERITAS Volume Manager 5.0 MP4HF1 for Linux

This is a hotfix patch 5 for Veritas Volume Manager 5.0MP4 on Linux.
This patch can only be installed on top of the following:
                VERITAS Volume Manager 5.0MP4
Errors/Problems Fixed:

1977146 lxrt5.0mp4:sfora:sles11_x86_64_only system panics when create ASM DG
1668978 ASL Request SxRT SF-RAC 5.0 Hitachi USPV HAM
1956777 VVR:Stale references in pripendinq causes random corruption
1938907 RHEL5 U3: HBA API gives both /dev/sg## and /dev/sd## names as OS device names. Hence WWN information not displayed
1481493 panic running stress tc vxio:vol_cvol_bplus_walk3+1bec
1946936 CVM: IO hangs during master takeover waiting for a cache object to quiesce
1946939 CVM: Panic during master takeover, when there are cache object I/Os being started on the new master
1212791 Debug builds with memory logging run to slowly
1529858 Site detach due to error falsely updates ssb on available disks on that site


Patch Installation Instructions:

o Before-the-upgrade :-
  (a) Stop I/Os to all the VxVM volumes.
  (b) Umount any filesystems with VxVM volumes.
  (c) Stop applications using any VxVM volumes.

o   Before manually upgrading VxVM to 5.0MP4HF1, stop the vxpal process by
      stopping 'vxpal.StorageAgent':
            /etc/init.d/vxpal.StorageAgent stop

o   Upgrade 5.0MP4 VxVM packages to 5.0MP4HF1 using "rpm -Uvh"

o   After completion of upgrade the vxpal process can be restarted as:
            /etc/init.d/vxpal.StorageAgent start

o   Note: In some cases VRTSvxvm-platform package upgrade may fail to
          unload a VxVM module. This will be reported with a message similar to
          "FATAL: Module vxdmp is in use". If this happens, it is recommended that
          the system be rebooted to unload the old modules and load the new ones.

o Select the appropriate RPMs for your system, and upgrade to the new patch.

(for rhel4_x86_64)
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-common-
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-platform-

(for rhel5_x86_64)
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-common-
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-platform-

(for sles9_x86_64)
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-common-
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-platform-

(for sles10_x86_64)
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-common-
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-platform-

(for sles11_x86_64)
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-common-
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-platform-

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