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Release type: Hot Fix
Release date: 2010-04-14
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
CommandCentral 5.1.2 On Solaris SPARC

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

 Fixes the following incidents:

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Readme file

OS:Solaris 8, Solaris 9, Solaris 10

Etrack Incidents: 2014884 

Errors/Problems Fixed:[
		Incorrect values for Netapp-Filer in CCStorage(e2014884)

Install/Uninstall Instructions:
Instructions to apply the hotfix

A - Overview of the HotFix

Apply the HotFix (VRTSccs-F512002014884) on the 5.1.2 Management
Server and managed hosts with array and switch explorers.

Supported operating systems include: 

  - Solaris 8, 9, and 10

B - Deploying the HotFix from a Solaris Management Server

The examples in the following procedure assume that you installed
CommandCentral on a  host in the default installation directory.

1. Copy the file ccs-F512002014884.tar.gz to a
   temporary location. For example, to /tmp and unpack it.

2. After extracting the hotfix, you'll find the files shown below:
    - patches/
    - patches/VRTSccs-F512002014884.tar.gz
    - README  (this file)

3. To apply the update, do the following:

   - Open an operating system console.

   - Change to the HAL bin directory:

   - Type the following command:
       ./halsecurity login 
     You may have to provide the password for the 'admin' account
     which you use to log in to the Console. The default password for
     this account is 'password' (without single quotes).
   - Type the following command to deploy the update:
       <HAL bin dir>perl </tmp>/patches/VRTSccs-F512002014884.tar.gz

     For example:    
        ./perl /tmp/patches/VRTSccs-F512002014884.tar.gz

    - To get a list of all managed hosts in a text file, run the
      following command:
        ./perl -f /tmp/mhs.txt

      The newly-created text file includes the list of all managed
      hosts and the Management Server.

    - Edit mhs.txt to keep only the names of those hosts on which you
      want to apply the 5.1.2 Array Agent HotFix.
    - To deploy the update to the hosts listed in /tmp/mhs.txt, run
      the following command:
        ./perl -u /tmp/patches/VRTSccs-512002014884.tar.gz -H /tmp/mhs.txt

4. To verify the installation, you can check the installation logs as follows:

   - To see the detailed logs, go to the CommandCentral Storage Data
     The default location is: 
        /var/VRTSccs/data/VRTShal/maint/VRTSccs-F512002014884/<time stamp>/output
        cd <HAL data dir>/data/VRTShal/maint/VRTSccs-512002014884/<time stamp>/output
     For example:
       cd /var/VRTSccs/data/VRTShal/maint/VRTSccs-F512002014884/<time stamp>/output

   - Check if there are any errors in the stderr.txt file.
   - Check the detailed logs of the hotfix application in the stdout.txt file.

5. Verify the updated version as follows:

   - Open cc_version.txt from the following directory:
   - Check the FIXID. It should appear as follows:

		DATE=Mon Mar 22 15:21:53 2010
		DESCRIPTION=HotFix for security vulnerability in OpenSSL libraries

Additional Notes:
Apply the HotFix (VRTSccs-F512002014884) on the 5.1.2
Management Server and managed hosts with array and switch explorers.
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