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 Basic information
Release type: Rolling Patch
Release date: 2010-05-12
OS update support: None
Technote: None
Popularity: 569 viewed    42 downloaded
Download size: 202.68 MB
Checksum: 192722700

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
FileStore 5.5SP1 On SLES10 x86-64

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

 Fixes the following incidents:
1842202, 1957031, 1959734, 1966838, 1966966, 1967918, 1968177, 1968520, 1969673, 1970678, 1970934, 1970947, 1971039, 1972202, 1975352, 1979031, 1980034, 1983219, 1984428, 1990846, 1991337, 1991763, 1991981, 1997872, 1999144, 1999370, 2004431, 2005109, 2005687, 2007020, 2007067, 2007938, 2009220, 2010542, 2010614, 2013103, 2013454, 2013540, 2013545, 2013741, 2013766, 2016169, 2018766, 2022852, 2036187, 2037230, 2037319, 2037381, 2037542, 2040673

 Patch ID:

 Readme file  [Save As...]
Date: 2010-05-12
OS Version: 10 SP2
Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable File Server 
5.5 SP1RP1 Patch Upgrade README
I.   Overview
II.  Fixes in the new patch
III. Known issues
IV.  Upgrade procedure
I. Overview
The Veritas Storage Foundation Scalable File Server provides a scalable clustered storage solution.
II. Fixes in new patch
Etrack Incidents: 1842202, 1957031, 1959734, 1966838, 1966966, 1967918, 1968177, 1968520, 1969673, 1970678, 1970934, 1971039, 1972202, 1975352, 1979031, 1980034, 1967918,
1983219, 1984428, 1990846, 1991337, 1991763, 1991981, 1997872, 1999370, 1999144, 2004431, 2005109, 2005687, 2007020, 2007067, 2007938, 2009220, 2013454, 2010542, 2010614, 
2013540, 2013545, 2013741, 2016169, 2013766, 2018766, 2022852, 1970947, 2013103, 2036187, 2037230, 2037319, 2037381, 2037542, 2040673
Errors/Problem Fixed: Listed below
Issues Details:
- In ads mode, Access CIFS share after add CIFS share, We can't add, modify and del the right of the user everyone(1842202)
- servlet Exception will displayed in summary (1957031)
- Lock related error message while doing patch application(1959734)
- disk list stats gives garbled output ---- ---- ERR OK when disks are not found on the both nodes(1966838)
- Need to urgently identify rca of frequent smbd deaths(1966966)
- If there are two internal disks in the system then the disk list output becomes malformed(1967918)
- config import showing unwanted progress bar(1968177)
- nasgw:replication:Source failover with 3 jobs fails in incremental replication(1968520)
- Pool list shows disks even after removing them from Pool(1969673)
- nasgw:replication:mtime of file takes time to reflect on target even after checkpoint promotion(1970678)
- Duplicate sfsgettext message in disk_* files. Also restructure the code(1970934)
- nasgw:replication:Incremental replication fails with a file opened with vim editor when session triggered(1971039)
- nasgw:replication:Create of large num of files in Incremental Job, moves to Enabled state without replicating files on target(1972202)
- nasgw:replication:Incremental replication fails to replicate sparse file(1975352)
- NASGW: STORAGE: disk not adding to pool(1979031)
- 2nd storage tier size does NOT get listed under total FS size(1980034)
- [GUI]:Missing Help button for Settings > Backup > NBU > Delete media server name dialog(1967918)
- nasgw:replication:local sync fails with multiple fs, in incremental mode(1983219)
- [REP] rep protocol stuck at "try_to_run" after network disruption(1984428)
- [Replication Manager] Job stuck in Running state after forcibly reboot(1990846)
- nasgw:snapshot: nfs show fs shows junk msg if snapshot is exported as nfs share(1991337)
- nasgw:replication:"Files/operations sent" field not getting updated(1991763)
- nasgw:replication: lost+found directory skipped in directories created by user(1991981)
- nasgw:replication:resync job once failed continues to fail(1997872)
- STORAGE: Filesystem spans to other pool when its size is increased(1999370)
- NASGW:Antivirus :"quarantine_id" should be unique for all quarantine files(1999144)
- NASGW:Upgrade: No confirmation shown about rolling patch upgraded on all nodes successfully or failed on some nodes(2004431)
- [GUI]:GUI does not come up after install the new RP patch(2005109)
- FILESTORE:Cifs:CIFS server fails to start(2005687)
- FileStore:Antivirus: unable to start antivirus services on all the nodes, goes in faulted state for some nodes(2007020)
- nasgw:replication:Schedule with */0 is not triggered even when the job is enabled with that schedule(2007067)
- nasgw:replication: Source failover with resync job is not working(2007938)
- FileStore:NFS:NFS share went in Partial/Faulted state, after SP1RP1 patch Upgrade(2009220)
- Collect cpu usage date while collecting debug info data(2013454)
- [NASGW:Storage] Pool destroy command is failing(2010542)
- FileStore:Upgrade:Pach(SP1RP1) fail to Upgrade one Node.(node was not rebooted)(2010614)
- NASGW:Storage:Config import for storage_schedules should check for filesystems(2013540)
- NASGW:STORAGE:Cannot create fs of size 256TB with block size 8192 bytes(2013545)
- fs list gives wrong usage percentage when two tiers are present(2013741)
- [CIFS]new global option changes for samba 3.5(2016169)
- CLI>netwok>bond create pub-nets balance-alb miss-creates a balance-tlb bond device(2013766)
- replication fails for files by /usr/bin/vi operation but it works fine for files edited by /usr/bin/ed(2018766)
- FILESTORE:CIFS:CIFS server failed to start after SP1RP1 upgrade. smb.conf not properly updated(2022852)
- nasgw:replication:chmod on multiple files fails the job in incremental replication(1970947)
- FILESTORE:CIFS:acl:Unable to change permissions of directory with different owner other than the share owner(2013103)
- [Settings]->[Replication], "Stop/Start Server" buttons should be replaced as "Stop/Start Service" (2036187)
- Rep Unit name should not accept character "-"(2037230)
- Blank page on File System create wizard(2037319)
- Remove the upload button under shares -> ftp(2037381)
- Decimal precision problem for disks display(2037542)
- Settings->Upgrade, Page has regex errors and UE is not good(2040673)
III. Known issues
Please refer to sfs_relnotes.pdf section 5 "Known issues" for details about known issues.
IV. Upgrade Procedure
NOTE: After you have installed, uninstalled, or synchronized a new SFS patch into your cluster, the list of available commands may change. 
Please re-login to the CLI to access the updated features.
Install Patch:
	a) Login through master
	   > su - master
	b) Go to patch install
	   > upgrade patch install <URL>

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